/ 192.168.l.1 Admin Login User & Pass

To open the login page, please type the IP address in the URL of the web browser you are using, or open the router login page

Note: If the button above doesn’t work, it means that the default gateway used is not the IP address, and you can only open the router login page if you’re on the same network.

Wrong IP writing is 192.168.l.1

Default Login for

IP Address
Username: admin
Passwords: admin
IP Address
Username: admin
IP Address
Username: admin
Passwords: password
IP Address
Username: admin
Passwords: 1234
IP Address
Username: 1234

*If you are an user, try using the login data below, but there is a possibility that the user has been updated by a technician for each area you live:

User login #1

  • IP Address:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

User login #2

  • IP Address:
  • Username: support
  • Password: theworldinyourhand

User login #3

  • IP Address:
  • Username: support
  • Password: zep2kjzol

*Login username for router, will be updated regularly if there are complaints of not being able to login.

How to Login to

Make sure what you enter into your browser URL is not a wrong address like 192.168.1.l or 192.168.l.1, because ip can’t be mixed with alphabetic characters.

Login to the router address will give access to change the configuration on the router, here’s how:

  1. Open the web browser application on your laptop, computer or mobile device.
  2. Type the IP address in the address bar / URL bar.
  3. Enter the username and password to enter the router dashboard.
  4. If there is an error when accessing the router, find out which gateway the router uses.
  5. Sometimes, browser autocomplete can mess up the address, just make sure the ip is typed in just a number.

On this page you can also find instructions for restoring lost usernames and passwords, you can also see the default user login on the back of the router.

Troubleshoot or 192.168.ll

You can find all kinds of problems when accessing the router IP, logging into the router and even router configuration here. So, try to follow the instructions below for those of you who are using a shared router or alone


  • First, make sure the internet you are using is connected to the router you want to use and edit the configuration. Try using dynamic ip settings if you can’t get into the router’s gateway.
  • Second, try to physically check the router and see if the light (LED) is on? especially in the Wifi / Wlan and or Ethernet section. Because you don’t need an internet connection to connect to the router.


  • Third, try turning off the firewall for a while if you don’t find the cable, router or wifi network connection you are using, it could be that the firewall settings conflict with network access.


  • Fourth, double-check the ip writing that you are using, make sure everything contains numbers and not commas (,). You, must write not 192.168.l.1 or 192.168.ll, add http:// after it to make sure.


  • Finally, unplug the cables connected to the router or modem, then plug them back into the available ports, one by one and make sure when the cable is plugged in the LED light on the router is lit.

What is IP

An ip address always contains 4 sets of letter combinations consisting of the numbers 0 to 255. The ip address is divided into 2 parts, the first 3 combinations of numbers are Network ID, while the last number is Device ID.

So suppose there is an ip address that says, so Network ID is 192.168.1 and Device ID is 1. Device ID is used by all devices connected to the same network but the same Device ID is not allowed.

For the range: f

In the internet world, this address is known as an Internet Protocol Address or called an IP Address. Generally, the IP address will be automatically assigned by the router when a device is connected to the router.

Some manufacturers use ip as their router ip such as D-Link, Asus, Cisco, D-link, Huawei, Dell, Linksys, Netgear, SMC Networks, Tenda, Tp-Link. Don’t worry because you will get a manual that explains everything.

How to Use Router

1. Prepare the router and cables

  • First, unbox the router that you just bought or want to use, separating the cables, manuals and plastic that you don’t want to use.

2. Connect the power cable

  • Second, connect the router to a source of electrical energy, before plugging in any cables, test the router’s function first whether it can run normally or not.

3. Connect the router to the internet

  • Third, attach the ISP cable that you get (if you subscribe to the internet ISP). For example, if you are using IndiHome, there is a special cable plugged into the bottom of the router body.

4. Check internet connection

  • Fourth, wait a while until the internet marker LED lights up. If so, it means you are ready to use the internet.

Some brands that use the IP / 192.168.l.1, such as:

3 Com Dray Tech Nexaira
Abo Com Dynalink Nokia
Acton Dzs On Networks
Acelink Eci Options
Actiontec Edgewater Networks Orange
Adb Edimax Pakedge
Adi Engineering Eltel Paradigm
Adtran Emc Tech Perfect
Aerohive Encore phicomm
Airlink En Genius Pirelli
Airlink+ E Top Planets
Airlink101 Fast Planex
Airnet Fiber Home Pro Nets
Alcatel Lucent Flyingvoice Proware
Alpha Network Gateway Qtech
Alice Gemtek Radio Labs
Allied Telesis Getnet Ready Net
Alpha Gigaset Rosewill
Amigo Global Sun Runtop
Amrisc Hame Sagemcom
A Open Hawking Sapido
Apc Hongdian Ser Comm
Arachnis Networks Huawei Shanghai Dare Global Technologies
Arcadyan Ibm Shenzhen
Askey I Boss Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics
As Rock Innacomm Shiko
Asus Innoband Siemens
Atheros Intelligent Technology Smart Rg
Aztech Isonwifi Spark Lan
Luxe Band Jcg Synology
Baud Tec Jetstream Technicolor
Bcm Kasda Tecom
Beeline Kozumi Tent
Ben Q Lenovo Texas Instruments
Billion Level One Totolink
Blitz Linksys tp link
Browan Lippert Components Dnet Trends
Budget Mac Sense Tourist
Budget 1 Wireless Mercury Ubiquiti Networks
Buffalo Micronet Unbranded
Calix Star Partner Uniden
Cameo Mo Fi Network Us Robotics
Castle Net Motorola Utt
China Telecom M Qmaker Vizio
Cisco Msi Well Communications
Clear Access Nag Westell
C Net Nec Western Digital
Compaq Netcore Wistron Ne Web
trend Netgear Xa Vi
Connectland Netis X Micro
Corega Netopia Zbt
Creative Netronix Zero
Cyber ​​Tan Netsys Zero One Technology
Cz.Nic Netwee N Zonet
Dare Global Network Everywhere Zoom
D Link Newer Technology Zte
Dq Technology Newifi Zy Xel

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